“I became conscious of an entirely new effect produced by this familiar music. I seemed to feel the music detaching itself and projecting itself in space. I became conscious of a third dimension in the music. I call this phenomenon ‘sound projection’. . .”   – Edgard Varèse, 1936 [emphasis mine]

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Some initial thoughts / purpose of this blog

This website has been created for the purpose of documenting my work in the summer of 2017 as this year’s Ithaca College Dana Scholar. I was awarded this scholarship in March of this year for my proposal “Site-specific Musical Composition Based on the Acoustic Properties of the Inchindown Tunnels” – though the nature of the project has changed somewhat as it has evolved over time. This award has allowed me to compose full time, as well as travel to the Scottish Highlands for on-site research and sound-hunting. The outcome of this work will be 1) a study for solo electric guitar to familiarize myself with some new (to me) techniques, and 2) eventually, a chamber concerto for electric guitar. This blog will document the process of creating these new works.

Beyond that, this site will eventually be the home base on the internet for all of my musical activity. That said, here is a brief introduction to where I am currently as a composer and performer, for those not yet acquainted:

My background as a musician is mainly in experimental rock, usually as a guitarist. Having developed an interest in art music composition over the years, from 2012-present I have been studying composition at Ithaca College under Dana Wilson, Jorge Grossmann, and (currently) Evis Sammoutis. I have also studied the classical guitar with Pablo Cohen. My current interests include extended instrumental timbres, experiments in form, electronics, and developing a personal performance “vocabulary” for the guitar as well as new kinds of notation to go with it.

Thanks for visiting & stay tuned…